Bonus system!

Bonus system!

Not sure which route to take when looking for a weekly payment loan? Are you looking for a lender who gives back to their customers?

At Home Credit Finance, we care about our clients. We feel that if you are a good, consistent payer with us then you should be rewarded.

This is why we introduced our monthly Bonus/Rebate system!

If you maintain your payments, for 4 weeks you will receive a rebate/bonus of the amount of your weekly payment taken off the total cost of your loan.

Which means less weeks and less money to pay! 

For example, if your weekly payments are up to date, then every 4th weekly payment will receive a bonus payment therefore reducing the 37 week loan to a 30 week loan. This would make a HCF 30 week £1000 loan, £100 cheaper than a Provident 32 week loan.


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