Home Credit Loans

Home Credit Loans

Home credit (also known as home collected credit) is a friendly, personal service that provides small loans that are collected each week from your home by your own friendly local agent.

Our agents do not receive commission based on how much they lend, but how much they collect, this means it's not in their interest to lend more than you can comfortably afford to repay.

The whole idea of home credit is that you feel in control of your finances, and can manage the repayments easily, home collected loans are different because your agent will call at your home to collect your repayments at a prearranged time every week. 

We provide cash loans for any purpose – unexpected bills, school uniforms, furniture, a new washing machine or cooker, being unemployed and on benefits won’t affect your ability to get a loan – we count benefits as income.

We offer cash loans from £100 to £500 over four different timescales, 14, 23, 32 and 52 weeks and the total cost of the loan is fixed. If you miss a payment with us, we don't increase the cost of your loan- there are no hidden charges.

There is also some flexibility about how you can borrow from us, as well as Cash Loans, we also offer Shopping Vouchers and prepaid credit cards that are ideal for online shopping or budgeting.

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