Home Credit Finance loans

Home Credit Finance loans

Home Credit Finance is a friendly, personal service that provides small cash loans with low and affordable repayment rates that are collected each week by your own friendly, local agent.

The whole idea of Home Credit Finance is that you feel in control of your finances and can manage repayments easily. Home collected loans are different because your agent will call to your home to collect your payments at a prearranged time every week. Bank transfer repayments can also be arranged.

One of our agents will meet with you right at your door and will do a face to face assessment on how you will be able to meet payments.

When we issue a loan, unlike some lenders, we are not looking to over lend you so that it seems like there is no light at the end. We are looking to develop a sensible, long term relationship with our clients. Once you have built your relationship with us you can apply for a larger loan.

We provide cash loans for any purpose and being unemployed and on benefits will not effect your ability to get a loan with us. We see benefits as a source of income!


We use a built in rebate system for consistent payers. If you pay your repayments consistently for 4 weeks you will receive a rebate/bonus of the amount of your weekly payment taken off the total cost of your loan. Which means less weeks and less money to pay! Customers who are not consistent with repayments will not apply for a rebate that month.

The total cost of the loan is fixed. There are no hidden charges or acceptance fees. If you miss a payment with us, we do not increase the cost of your loan!  And if you catch up on your repayments in time, you will still receive your rebate! 

Bonus system!
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